Salone del Mobile 2018 – Partnership Arazi Home & Andrea Castrignano

ART&DESIGN Reloading Creatività

Andrea Castrignano arrichisce la Collezione per Arazi Home con Color Knots, la linea di tappeti interamente annodato a mano, in anteprima per il Fuori Salone del Mobile 2022, in Via Adige, 11 alla Milano Design Week 2022. ph Stefano Scarano

During Fuorisalone 2018, which took place April 17-22, Arazi Home carpets became part of Roof View 4.0, a project by the renowned Milanese interior designer Andrea Castrignano.

Three Arazi Home carpets were present at Roof View 4.0, a project by Andrea Castrignano presented for the Fuorisalone 2018 in his interior design studio located in Via Adige 11, Milan, in the newborn Romana Design District® – a recent project for local and cultural enhancement dedicated especially to the design world, involving the city fabric that grows around Corso di Porta Romana and Corso Lodi.

Arazi Home and Andrea Castrignano together studied and created a selection of carpets that come to be integrated into the whole creative process of interior design. A carpet is not just an accessory, a final choice, but it is conceived during the very initial creative phase of the project: shapes, colors and sizes are harmoniously calibrated with the rest of the décor components.

Unique carpets designed for essential and modern textures, colors and lines. The concept for the luxurious rooftop ideated by Castrignano is based on broken perpendicular lines meeting and intersecting on the walls, visually cutting the furnishings and enveloping the environment up to the ceiling. Through the carpets, these same lines find their way to the floor, ploughing through the different heights of the texture.

Recalling Mondrian’s paintings, a perfect union is found between traditional elements like silk and hand crafted wool, and innovative trends in the field of contemporary living. The light colors of the woolen background bring out by contrast the darker tones of silk. The difference in the material qualities gives particular movement to the weaved surface, overall enriching the environment.


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